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School times are from 07h00 to 17h45, Monday to Friday, except public holidays and for the weeks over the Christmas/ New Years break. Only those designated by you should fetch your child, if any other person will be fetching your child please notify us beforehand. Please realise that most of our staff have to travel quite far to get home, we therefore charge an additional R20  per 15 minutes after 17h45.

Breakfast is provided at 08h00 - 08h30 and lunch at 12h30. Snacktime is at  10h00 and 14h30. Please send a fruit for your child everyday. We encourage healthy eating habits and ask that no sweets be sent to school, these are reserved for Fridays, parties and any other special occasions. Chips and biscuits may be provided, but NOT as a snack. Please inform us if your child has any food allergies or has any special dietery requirements and please provide an alternative lunch that can be given to them.

Contagious Diseases
For the welfare of other children at our school, children with ilnesses such as Diarrhea, Conjuctivitus, Gastro, Chicken Pox and Mumps, etc must please be kept at home. This applies to ringworm, lice and stomach bugs. No child with temperatures of over 37.7 degrees will be allowed to be brought or stay at school.

Please hand medicines over to one of the staff personally or make them aware of it if the medicines have been left in the bag. Write dispensing details in their notebook so that we have a record of when and who has dispensed the medication to your child. If your child has a fever we can only dispense Panado to your child, and only with your permission.

Notice Of Absence
Parents are to please notify the school when a child is ill or absent for ANY reason.

Clothing and Belongings
Please mark all your child’s clothes and belongings clearly with his or her name. Please send a spare set of clothes in case of an accident or they get extremely dirty. Dirty children are happy children!

Facecloths and Aprons
Please provide a facecloth and apron with your child with his or her name clearly marked.

Toys and Books
We have lots of toys and books at our school and discourage children bringing these items to school. Should they find thier way here, we regret we cannot take responsibility if it is broken or lost. The children dont usually like to share their “special item” and this creates much unhappiness.

Children are more than welcome to have their parties at the school. If a party is not held at school, and only a few children are invited to the party, please get their parents names and telephone numbers from the office.

Fee Structure
Full Time                                                                                                   
Babies and Toddlers
(3 months to 3 1/2 years)                    
07h00 - 17h45 = R1610 per month                                                                                                         

(3 1/2 years to 5 years)                                                        
07h00 - 17h45 = R1370 per month                                                                                                             

Yearly increase
The 10% yearly increase takes place in June/July

Open door policy
Our office door is always open and we urge parents to discuss any concerns or problems they may have, as we understand how precious our children are and that no concern is too minor, and even if there are no concerns, we would still love to chat.